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Simplify was a breath of fresh air for me at a very difficult time. I

had just had some surgery and was needing to simplify reaching for things in an over-cluttered kitchen.

“I was 85 years old when I told Elizabeth that I was going to move one year from that day. "Good," she said, "Let's get started now." ... We started by clearing out my deceased husband's room. Next, some strategies: Let my five adult children create an inventory and select the items each wants, resolving conflicts collectively; Colored labels to indicate destination, including items I was keeping; Tips for removing clutter, duplicated products, worn-out clothes or things; Yard sale near the end. Little by little all got done within the year. Elizabeth made it easy.” — Peggy, N.M.

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A client’s garage is a disorganized dumping ground for tools, bikes and camping equipment

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Everything has a home: the floor reappears and finding gear is easy.