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Simplify provides customized service in these areas:

  1. Clearing out clutter to simplify the home.

  2. Maintaining sense of home when moving.

  3. Organizing storage spaces, attics, cabinets

  4. Removal & delivery of items for donation, resale, disposal.

  5. Helping get you started and organized for work
    to do on your own.

For many people, clearing out clutter and moving can be overwhelming ventures. Simplify can help you create a fresh, clutter-free look for your home, one step at a time and at your pace.

If you or someone you know is moving into a smaller home or retirement community, take advantage of this service. Simplify can help you make sure to take a sense of the home you love into a new space.

— Elizabeth Lazarus, LPC, owner of Simplify

Simplify got more done in an hour than I could have done in a day! ...

I can’t believe

I didn’t do this months ago.

— Ginny, IL.